Hybrid Flooring Melbourne

Resiplank Vinyl / Hybrid Collections

Name: Corsica Oak 8.5 mm 

Resiplank Vinyl / Hybrid Collections

Name: Australian Native 9.7 mm


Pinaco Hybrid Collections

Name: Pinaco Hybrid 5.5 mm

Penguin Hybrid Collections

Name: 1500 mm Length Plank 6.5 mm

1800 mm-Length Plank 6.5 mm

Penguin Hybrid Collections

Name: 1800 mm Length Plank 6.5 mm


SUNSTAR SPC / Hybrid Collections

SPC 8 series 5 mm


SUNSTAR SPC / Hybrid Collections

SPC 9 series 7 mm

BEAU Hybrid SPC 7 mm

BEAU FLOOR Hybrid / SPC Collections

Name: BEAU Hybrid / SPC 7 mm

Aspire Rcb


Hybrid Flooring Melbourne

You can get all types of cover styles at BLE flooring for your floors. Our hybrid flooring is one of the most innovative floor covers in the whole city of Melbourne. This is why our hybrid flooring systems are in high demand in the city. We cater to a wide range of clientele like homes, businesses, offices, hotels, organisations, event centres, schools, hospitals, and so on. Due to the distinct styling and patterns of our hybrid flooring systems, our clientele continues to grow. Our customers enjoy using our hybrid flooring systems for a wide range of floor finishes and decorations. BLE flooring supplies only the best floor design products. Our distinct hybrid flooring systems have been designed and produced to offer the best value and comfort. They are very versatile and can be used on all types of floors from domestic, to commercial, to industrial floors.

type of hybrid flooring

What type of hybrid flooring does BLE flooring supply?

BLE flooring supplies only the best hybrid flooring systems that are a product of superior manufacturing processes. Our hybrid flooring system is a floating flooring system with a rigid structure. It combines the best properties of both vinyl and laminate floor materials. Our hybrid flooring line of products comes with a tough surface and a core with a high density. We are one of the biggest suppliers of hybrid flooring systems in Melbourne.

type of hybrid flooring

Why you need our hyrbid products

At BLE flooring, we have been able to engineer a distinct lineup of superior hybrid flooring products. Our flooring systems have been engineered to provide aesthetics, comfort, value, performance, comfortability, and pride. Apart from getting a great value from this floor, you will be proud of the patterns that we designed. If you are thinking of hybrid flooring products, you may want to consider BLE flooring for the following reasons:

Many of our clients in Melbourne and other parts of Australia have pets. This is a significant deciding factor when they are choosing a flooring system. BLE flooring has designed and engineered a healthy and hygienic hybrid flooring system that is pet-friendly. This means that your pets will love our floors. Our line of hybrid flooring systems is friendly to both humans and pets.

Stain resistance is another important factor that affects the decision of clients when they are choosing floor finishes. Our hybrid flooring products have been engineered with a robust and stain-resistant material. This means that the surface is resistant to stains. If it comes in contact with stains, its treated surface resists these stains. This way, the stains can be wiped off easily.

Our hybrid flooring systems have been engineered to resist scratches. This is another important factor that influences the choices of many clients. You can rely on our hybrid flooring systems to resist all types of scratches and marks. The floors are composed of special engineered materials that do not form any abrasion when they are scratched or hit.

BLE hybrid flooring systems have been designed by expert home floor designers. This means that the patterns and styles in our lineup will suit any room size in your home or office. Whether you need a hybrid flooring design for your office or factory, you are sure to get the best service from our products and collections.

When thinking of hybrid flooring Melbourne, think about BLE flooring. This is because of all the suppliers of hybrid flooring, we have the most elaborate and distinct designs. You can get all types of beautiful wood finishes in our lineup. We still offer all other natural floor patterns and designs. Our large collection of patterns and designs means that we have something for all types of floors. We have elaborate designs that accurately imitate the design and textures of wooden finishes, marbles, stones, and quartz. This gives your floor an excellent and remarkable commercial appeal.

Our hybrid floors are acoustically sound because they come with acoustic underlays. This special property serves to mute sounds which also improves the comfort people feel underfoot.

BLE flooring is a professional supplier of quality hybrid flooring systems. Our floors have been designed to provide value for the house owner. Due to the integrity of the hybrid flooring material, it does not require excessive maintenance. The durability and performance of the flooring system can be enhanced with simple cleaning techniques.

We focus on supplying only hybrid flooring systems with durability and high performance. Our flooring systems are known for providing value by lasting for a long time. This means that you get to use your chosen design for a long time to come.

Our hybrid floor covers can be installed easily by skilled installers. The flooring products have been designed and engineered to be installed only by skilful craftsmen. This means that you can easily find installers for this product.

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Our Hybrid collection

For the best hybrid flooring Melbourne, BLE flooring offers a wide collection of vintage hybrid flooring designs. Our hybrid flooring collection is simply one of the best in the industry. We have various styles, designs, and patterns that have been created specifically for various floors. We have options for homes, schools, businesses, shopping malls, hospitals, showrooms, restaurants, offices, and so on. Our hybrid flooring collection includes:

This is a distinct hybrid flooring collection that features regular and impressive designs and patterns. Its versatile finish makes it a suitable style for all types of floors. Examples of styles in this collection are the Corsica oak 8.5mm and the Australian Native 9.7mm.

This is a special hybrid flooring collection that comes with distinct patterns for a creative and comfortable interior floor finish. An example is the Pinaco Hybrid 5.5mm.

This range of hybrid flooring products feature classical natural wooden finishes. Examples are the 1500mm length Plank 6.5mm and 1800mm Length plank. 6.5mm

This collection features hybrid flooring systems with vintage designs. They are meant for all types of floors. Examples are the SPC 8 series 5mm and the SPC 9 series 7mm.

This is a remarkable hybrid flooring product that comes with natural wood colour. It can be used to complement your interior rooms and spaces. This collection features the Beau hybrid/SPC 7mm.

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About BLE Flooring

BLE Flooring is a specialised company that focuses on the production and supply of high-grade floor systems. Our customers rely on our flooring experts to give their commercial and residential properties a new look and feel. We are one of the best suppliers of top-grade hybrid flooring systems. Our floor products have been optimised for use in all types of environments. We bring our wealth of quality flooring systems to your projects by offering you the following benefits:

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